The studies are in!!
Having a pet is good for you!

Research shows that pet owners have fewer minor health problems like headaches, colds and hay fever and visited their doctors less than those patients who did not have canine companionship. Having a pet can help lower blood pressure. Other studies have shown that pet owners have lower cholesterol levels, which may make them less prone to heart attacks and stroke.
Walking the dog may not seem like exercise, but any activity that gets you up and moving is great for your heart.

The mental benefits of owning a pet are just as important. Petting an animal helps us relax, thus lowering our blood pressure. Even watching feathered or finned creatures like birds and fish can reduce our feelings of stress. Pets can also help us recover from serious illness by giving us psychological support. How? Having a companion animal make us feel less lonely and isolated. Pets can help decrease feelings of depression and worry, both of which can slow your recovery time. Animals can bring great joy to our lives as well as unexpected health benefits.


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