If your chosen puppy is over 8 weeks of age, you will need to send me a cashier's check for the price of the puppy +plus $400.00 for shipping at least one week before you intend to receive the puppy. Unless of course you live in Utah then just come on over. If your puppy is not of age to leave the mamma, I would highly recommend you putting a deposit of a minimum of $500.00 on the puppy of your choice as your chosen puppy may not be available by the time he/she is older. My puppies usually are spoken for very quickly.

Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. The only way a deposit is ever refunded is if the said puppy is not in good health. No exceptions will be made. If the said puppy is not in good health at the time of receipt, the deposit will be returned or you can place the deposit on another available puppy. This deposit only guarantees that I will not sell your chosen puppy to any other party until the puppy is ready to be received. At which time the purchase price plus shipping costs are due in full, and shipping arrangements must be made. If you have paid the full price and you decide you do not want the puppy for any reason a $500.00 fee will be kept to cover the cost of placing the said puppy.

I only accept certified cashier's checks, certified bank checks, certified domestic money orders or direct bank wire.


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