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Specializing in the Teacup, Imperial and Tiny Type sizes with Teacup, Imperial and Tiny Type sizes with smooshie baby doll faces.

Home of the original true Imperials that trace directly to the Imperials from China.

My tiny purebred Imperial Shih Tzu sometimes known as Chinese Imperial Dogs are raised in my home with lots of love and attention. Health, Personality and Beauty are my first priority. When it comes to my furbabies and my furbaby's new family I go the extra mile. I am always available to you if you have any questions or needs for the life of your puppy.

This not just a job for me. This is my life. I pour all of my strength and energy into my dogs and puppies because I love them so much. I feel that my dogs deserve the very best that I can do for them. When you make one of my puppies part of your family, I want to do the very best for you too.

I have been breeding Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies for 21+ years. When I started breeding Imperial Puppies I decided that if I did not better the breed, I would not breed at all. I spent over one year looking for my first female as I was so picky. This was Iris's great-grandmother. She only got to be 6lbs. so I then was on the hunt for a smaller Imperial Shih Tzu male to go with her. It then took me another 6 months to find him. He was only 5lbs. I fell in love with the personalities of the Imperial Dogs of this size and was hooked. I have had other breeds such as the larger sized Shih Tzu but the tiny Chinese Imperial Puppies are definitely more personable, loving, obedient, more human like and all around better. Great care is taken in selecting and breeding only the best Chinese Imperial Puppies I can find. Each Chinese Imperial Dog I produce is a credit to the breed.

My Chinese Imperial Puppies are the most wonderful in the world! They are friendly, happy, loving and polite little dogs. They are extremely healthy and live to be 13-16 years of age. They are very tiny but are still able to play and be able to jump off couches without getting hurt. They have nice little cobby bodies with good bone and muscle. They are big dogs in little packages but are more human like than any other of the Imperial Shih Tzu breed.

My Chinese Imperial Puppies love to cuddle in your lap for hours but when you want to play they are ready to no matter what age they are. Even when they are full grown adults they are just like puppies when they play. Once my tiny ones get into your heart you will always love them.



My Chinese Imperial Puppies are under 9lbs as adults and are bred according to the breed standard.


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