Prices are ultimately based upon many different things not just size.
The following is just a simple guide.

Under 6 lbs. as adult

This size is especially rare and very hard to find, if it is a True Teacup. Many people will tell you that they have this size but be aware as most breeders do not know how to size their puppies.

6-8lbs. as adult

This also is a hard size to find as people will tell you that this is how big their puppies will be and then it grows to be 18 lbs. Do not be fooled by breeders that just want to make the big money. Some breeders will lower the weight of the dog sacrificing the muscle and bone by feeding less or a lower protein food. This is why I ask so much for my dogs as I have had very much experience in sizing puppies and will never sacrifice quality or health just for money.

Tiny Type
9-11 pounds as adult

This size can be shown. I do not get very many that are directly from me that are this size, but when I have puppies of this size, they are absolutely top quality in every way.

References are always given when asked. And never a letter but a phone number to talk in person with a real puppy buyer.

Male or Female which is better?

If you thought you wanted a female because you have been told that females are more loving and easier to housebreak. You have been miss-informed. Neutered males are extremely loving and are incredibly devoted to their family members . They are very easy to housebreak and will squat like a girl for the rest of their lives (unless taught to lift their leg by another dog). They will follow you every where and always want to be held in your lap and love to travel in a purse. Everyone that has had a male just loves them to pieces and does not regret their choice to have a male. In fact most that have a male and a female prefers their male. They are just the most wonderful pets and become one of the family very quickly.



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